Mount Saviour Monastery

October 1998
Painting  (Flowers)October Colors:
This year, we were blessed with a beautiful landscape; the shades of yellow were very unusual.  All our week-ends were booked in advance. Br. Luke finished an other colorful painting in spite of or because of his 88 years of age.  This year, thanks to Dr. Andrew Colucci and Br. John, we had a colorful garden and an abundant crop.  The apples trees took a rest and we will not sell cider, this year.  Br. Ronald Fogerty, a psychologist, gave us a workshop on celibacy.  On October 14th, Br. Sebastian came back from the hospital after 3 weeks of therapy for his broken hip.  Br. Kim Malloy, from St. Meinrad's Abbey is visiting for a few weeks.  The new roof of the chapel is progressing slowly and the mass will be combined with Lauds at 7:00 a.m. during the month of November.

Fr. Martin & pilgrimsPilgrims:
On October 16th, Fr. Martin and Fr. James Kelly lead a group of 44 friends of the monastery to Greece and the Holy Land.  The trip was peaceful in spite of the bad publicity circulating in our newspapers.  The experience was very educational since Fr. James Kelly had studied there after obtaining his doctorate in Sacred Scriptures.  The picture shows Fr. Martin in the bus with some of the participants before leaving for New York.
Next Trip:  A special trip to Italy for 24 people with accommodations in a villa is scheduled for May 21 to June 3.  There are only two openings  as of Nov.1st.  Contact the monastery for more details.

DonkeysGuard Donkeys:
This year, the sheep operation had difficulty with predators.  Our replacements lambs (6 months old) were attacked: 2 lambs died and 2 others were wounded with bleeding necks.  One of these died the next day.  Bella, our guarding dog, cannot cover all the fields: we were advised to try donkeys.  On October 29, we acquired a donkey and her 2 month old foal to live with the lambs.  They are very protective and cannot stand canines around.  There are beautiful stories about their behavior around sheep and we hope to stop the carnage in our fields.  We are grateful to Donald Vesneske of Elmira for his generous contribution in acquiring the donkey.

Christmas Shopping:
Wool products are available in the Shop.  Hand made mittens by Br. Pierre are "hot items".  Consult the Mount Saviour Shop page for more details.

Christmas Chronicle:
You can see our Christmas Chronicle in color on the internet while the Print Shop is working on it to mail in December

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