Br. Luke Pape, osb

Painter and Monk of Mount Saviour Monastery

Br. Luke (James D.Pape) was born in 1910, in Toronto, Canada.  At 14, he began art studies in the "Saturday Morning Classes" at the Ontario College of Art.

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Dancers In the 1930's, he earned his living as a bookkeeper and took dance classes in the evening with the Boris Volkoff School.  They performed at a festival in Berlin, in July 1936, in conjunction with the Olympics.

Still Life He joined the Medical Corps of the Canadian army and served in Europe.  At the end of the war, he was able to attend classes at the Central School of Art in London.

After the war, he became interior decorator, and helped the National Ballet of Canada as costume designer.  He got involved in the setting of Les Sylphides and other works,

St. Dominic In 1952, he joined the Benedictine monastery of Mount Saviour and was assigned to the gift shop.  This department is still growing in size and quality,

His paintings reflect various interests over the years; he became an active member of the Flowers Southern Tier Rose Society in the 1970's.  The major feasts were enhanced with his floral arrangements.

He was introduced to Professor John Vargo at Syracuse University for a weekly evening class in watercolour and illustration.  His trip to New Orleans inspired many paintings ranging from the quiet streets of New Orleans to the excitements of funeral processions with bands.

St. Agnes He took the challenge of painting with acrylic medium, St. Agnes, commissioned by a Philadelphia parish.  This Byzantine style was very different from portraits, landscapes, farm scenes, buildings or f lowers.

Br. Luke died peacefully on July 26th at the age of 93.  The following 2 paintings were completed at  90 years old.


Flowers 2001

Flowers 2000

Street of New Orleans Barn Window Big Flats

The Seasons:
Lamb Gathering British Columbia Woods Snow and Wood Pile

Barn  9 X 13 inches  $3.95
Chapel in.  12 X 15 inches  $2.95 
Chapel out.  14 X 17 inches  $3.95 

Chapei (inside Chapel (outside) St. Peter's Barn Sheep  
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