Mount Saviour Monastery

August 2013
    On August 6th, we celebrated the solemnity of the Transfiguration, our patronal feast.  It was a theme dear to Father Damasus and his partners who founded the monastery.  The Dedication  Day, on Aug. 11th, is a time to thank our benefactors who helped us maintain the monastery by various means of support.  We are grateful for their help and encouragement.  The mass was followed by a brunch  and music performed by Heidi Turner and her son.  Br. Michael and Br. Teresio are now assigned to clean the guest houses and do the laundry.  Br. Dominic Savio returned on Aug. 17th after 7 weeks of study in Rochester NY.  On Aug. 27th, Br. Bruno and Br. Gabriel went to Buffalo to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Sisters of Namur in this country.  For many years, they rented St. James' guest house for the sisters to spend week-ends or more days in the summer.  The late Sr. Marie Julianne had initiated the arrangement and she spent many months here to work on the papers of Fr. Damasus.  We are enjoying and abundant crop of plums, peaches, lettuce and tomatoes with more to come. On Aug. 28th, Fr. Joseph Gabriel went to Buffalo for the funeral service of his brother-in-law, Jim Illos.

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