Mount Saviour Monastery

July 2013
On July 3rd. 7 members of the community went to the Samaritan Center of Elmira, an outreach unit of Catholic Charities, that provides necessary services for vulnerable people.  We were treated to a luncheon and had the oppurnity to hear from the Catholic Charities staff about the many ways They help the under-served.   We were able to support them financially from major gains in our investments.  The 4th of July was celebrated with a picnic for 35 people with the traditional menu: hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.  On July 19th, five monks went on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Sr. Mary Ann Cope in Syracuse.  On July 20th, Br. Pierre went to Canada for an annual family reunion with a couple from Elmira.  This year, the garden is in good condition and should show an abundant crop.  Br. Bruno began the hay harvest on July 14th and was able to harvest what we need for the winter.
Mount Saviour : Hay harvest 2013
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