Fr. Jonathan LicariMount Saviour Monastery

June 2010
The farm team had to worry about the sheep being attacked by a bald eagle.  After killing more than a dozen lambs and wounding 2 ewes (who died later) the eagle stopped coming after we installed scarecrows in the form of aluminum plates swiveling and banging on the posts.  Br. John Thompson represented the community for the General Chapter of the American Cassinese Congregation held in Cullman AL. from the 13th to the 19th of June.  On June 19th, Fr. James celebrated his 83rd. birthday; a sore leg prevented him from attending the General Chapter.  On June 21st., Fr. Martin had a day surgery to relieve some back pains; the doctor injected some cement between damaged discs.  He feels much better.  Br. William was sent to St. Joseph's Hospital for tests related to his Parkinson's disease.  His condition is getting worse and he will need skilled nursing . On June 26th, Fr. Jonathan Licari from St.John's Abbey, Collegeville MN, conducted our annual retreat on the theme of interior and exterior peace through forgiveness.  Our automatic dishwasher gave up after 28 years of faithful service; while we are waiting for a replacement, we gather around the sink to wash the dishes by hand.  The replacement of the pipe line for our water supply is about to begin.  We are grateful for all those who contributed for that project.

Coming Events:
Dedication Day:
Aug. 15th, Mass at 10:00 a.m. followed by a brunch and musical entertainment.

Emmaus Experience IX: From Friday, Oct. 8th through Monday, Oct. 11th. focusing on Biblical texts that points to radically transformative meanings of discipleship, church and creation.  The facilitators will be Tony Bartlett, Ann  and John Hisle.

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