Mount Saviour Monastery

December 2005
For the winter months, we installed a covered link between the chapel and the refectory.  It protects against the wind, the rain or the snow.  Otherwise, we have to go down to the first floor and come back up again; some aging monks have more difficulties with stairs.  Christmas Eve draws a large crowd for the first Vespers of Christmas followed by the blessing of the Crèche.  During the last week of the month, we celebrate the namesday of Br. Stephen, Br. John Thompson and Br. David.  Some members of the Servants of the Word were here for their annual retreat and were very generous by sharing their talents with various tasks around the monastery.

Mount Saviour Creche 2005

Happy New Year

Third Annual Weekend Retreat for Knitters:
Jan.13-16 2006  Retreat. Recharge. Renew. Reflect. Knit.
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Mount Saviour Series of Retreats 2005-2006
January 27-29:  Centering Prayer or Silent Prayer.

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