Mount Saviour Monastery

November 2005
Our monastery celebrated three days of November with special customs.  With the Church, we commemorated All Saints Day.  On November 11th, we had a special day to honor our superior, Fr. Martin, on his feast day.  He happens to be a veteran of the Korean war.  With the nation, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day with the guests and some neighbors.  We have improved our telephone system that may benefit the guests who are lodged in various guest houses.  From now on, callers may dial the respective extensions when there is no receptionist on duty.  "By popular demand", the Barn print by the late Br. Luke is now available in a format 12 X 15 inches for $3.95.  Prints of the chapel (interior and exterior) are also available.  This season is favorable for the sale of wool products: mattress pads, mittens, etc.  You may consult our Shop for details.

Barn print

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Third Annual Weekend Retreat for Knitters:
Jan.13-16 2006  Retreat. Recharge. Renew. Reflect. Knit.
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Mount Saviour Series of Retreats 2005-2006
January 27-29:  Centering Prayer or Silent Prayer.

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