Mount Saviour Monastery

July 2005
On the first of July the DVD on Mount Saviour Monastery ($22.95) arrived and we shipped the orders that had already come.  We received good feedback from those who know the monks and what the monastery stands for.  Since the month of June was not favorable for the harvest, Br. Bruno started mowing on the third of July,  The 4th of July picnic was held in the "rose garden" with the guests and some neighbors.  The Catholic Courier of the diocese of Rochester featured an article on the name of the new pope, Benedict XVI.  A mention of a parish bearing Benedict's name and an interview with Fr. Martin completed the article with some pictures.  One of the pictures appeared in the magazine America.   During the second half of the month, some sidewalks were replaced and new outdoor stairs were made.  Br. Joseph installed new lamps along the sidewalks to provide better lighting.

Sidewalks & lamps

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Dedication Day will be Sunday, August 14 with Mass 10 AM followed by a light brunch and music in the Chapter Room around 12:30 PM

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