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Our Video, The Everyday: 
Benedictine Life at Mount Saviour received

Awards for
The Everyday. (WSKG). Matthew Kells, Sean P. McGinn, Srael Boruchin, Kate Geis, Videographers.

The Everyday. (WSKG). Christopher Ward, Chief Audio Technician.

Nominated for
The Everyday.  (WSKG). Matthew Kells, Sean P. McGinn.


Dear Friends of Mount Saviour,

After six years in production, "The Everyday: Benedictine Life at Mount Saviour" is complete.  "The Everyday" is  film shot entirely on location at the monastery, documenting the daily lives of the monks in residence there.  It is available for purchase through the Mount Saviour Shop for $15.95 (reduced price)

"The Everyday" features candid interviews with the brothers on some key elements of Benedictine spirituality including hospitality, work, prayer and love.  The film also features selections from all seven of the Daily Offices at Mount Saviour Monastery.

"The Everyday" is available on DVD or VHS.  The DVD includes several bonus features including a photo gallery filled with pictures of Mount Saviour throughout the years, additional psalms from the offices, beautiful footage of Mount Saviour in all four seasons and the complete audio from Compline (night prayer).  To see clips from "The Everyday", please, visit .

We are deeply grateful to the members of the Mount Saviour community forgranting us the access necessary to complete this film.  One of the goals of the film was to bring the rythm of life at Mount Saviour closer to its visitors and friends, and we hope we have accomplished that.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.
 Matthew Kels and Sean McGinn, directors

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BookThe Contribution of Monastic Life
     to the Church and the World

Preface by Fr. Martin Boler, osb
The meaning and Purpose of this Benedictine Moment
by Abbot Jerome Kodell, osb
Common Origins, 1922-1937
by Fr. Gottfried Burkhard Neunheuser
The Influence of Maria Laach on Mount Saviour Monastery
by Fr. Martin Boler, osb
The Art of Christian and Monastic Life
by Abbot Timothy Kelly, osb
Ways of Encounter by John T. Noonan, jr.

Simplicity: A Monastic and Christian Ideal
by Sr. Marie Julianne Farrington, s.s.m.n.
Benedictine Peace: A Meditation on Time
by Fr. Charles Dumont, o.c.s.o
An Oblate's Reflection
by Dr. Anthony J. Cernera
Rumination on the Life of St. Benedict
by Bishop Frank  T. Griswold
A Voice for the Praying Church
by Sr.  Mary Collins, osb
The Contribution of Monastic Life to the Church and to the World
by Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, osb
Philosophy to Poetry: Faith as a Way of Knowing in John of the Cross and Edith Stein 
by Prof. David Burrell
Living the Gospel in Today's Unforgiving World
by Sr. Camille D'Arienzo. r.s.m.
Available at Mount Saviour Shop for $15.95 (reduced price), (200 pages, hardcover).
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 Book Cover Father Damasus and the Founding of Mount Saviour
Madeleva Roarke has used the outline of Fr. Damasus' memoirs and letters as a basis for this biography.  She traces Damasus' early life, the circumstances of his arrival in America and his struggle to establish a monastery in the tradition of Maria Laach, but freed to introduce aspects of the more ancient traditions of Benedictine monasticism. : $10.00 plus $2.00 for shipping.  NY Residents must add 8% sales tax.

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Why Crist bookWhy Christ.  by the late Fr. James Kelly, osb
He had completed the book a few days before his death on Easter Sunday.  We detect his experience as chaplain in colleges.  The book deals with a young man who becomes wise over the years and can teach younger people how to live the gospel message.  The book is sold at the Shop for $13.90
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