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January 2005

The new year started without snow on the ground.  On January 2nd. the community was invited to the ladies guest house for high tea prepared by Maureen Cadley.  On the 6th, we saw our first significant snow fall with 8 inches of snow and ice.  This time of the year is rather quiet at the monastery because the weather can be risky for the guests who have to travel long distance.  We were spared if we compare with other cities around us.  Fr. Martin joined the monks of Weston for a series of lectures in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  At the end of the month, he attended the annual meeting of the North American Benedictine Aboots at the Prince of Peace Abbey in California.

Monthly Meetings of the Friends of Mount Saviour:
February 6: Reading: Walter Brueggemann, "The Bible Makes Sense".
March 6: Brueggemann continued.
April 3: Easter: Reading: Raymond Brown, "Risen Christ Easter time.

Coming Events: The Mount Saviour Monastery Series:
The Paschal Mystery  of Jesus Christ
March 11, 12,13 , 2005

Conferences, reflection and prayer will help us to live more fully the mystery of the passion and resurrection of Jesus.  In spirit, 'we will go up to Jerusalem' with Jesus and enter the mystery of his suffering and death as we deepen our participation his Risen Life.
    The cost will be $150. for resident guests, $200. for couples; $60. for day guests, $80. for couples.  Checks should be made to Mount Saviour Monastery.  Reservations should be made with the Guest Brother; phone: (607) 734-1688) Any questions can be sent to

Conferences will be given by Fr. Martin Boler, prior,
                                              other Brothers and
                                              Sr. Marie Julianne, ssmm.

    Beginning Friday evening (7:15) til Sunday (1:30 p.m.), we will also share the rhythm of the Monastery Eucharist and offices.

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