Mount Saviour Monastery

December 2004

Creche 2004

On December 3rd.   Sr. Marie Julianne Farrington, former general of the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur gave us an account of her experience in Rwanda during the massacre.  Her community has many houses in that country and the reconciliation is not easy to achieve.  On the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Fr. Martin went to New York city for the Oblates' meeting.  The Advent retreat for lay people was well attended in spite of the busy and hectic time time leading to Christmas.  During the night of the 20th, we had a power outage while the temperature was -11 F.  Fortunately, we were able to start one tractor to run the generator and maintain some heat in the place.  On Christmas eve, we had the blessing of the Crêche, designed by our friend, Doug Cummings.  On Dec. 26th, some members of the Servants of the Word from Michigan arrived for days of retreat and shared their skills in many projects.  For the feast of the Holy Innocents, we have the custom of singing Christmas carols with all our guests.  Br. Pierre made a quick trip to Canada to attend the funeral service of a sister-in-law.  At the end of the month, a new septic system was  connected behind the monastery.  The system eliminates the pumps and other mechanical devices that became problematic during a power outage.

Septic System
The septic system under construction

Monthly Meetings of the Friends of Mount Saviour:
February 6: Reading: Walter Brueggemann, "The Bible Makes Sense".
March 6: Brueggemann continued.
April 3: Easter: Reading: Raymond Brown, "Risen Christ Easter time.

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