Mount Saviour Monastery

August 2002

Mount Saviour Refectory
The 6th of August, the Transfiguration, is the patronal feast of the monastery.  We have a picnic in the garden with all the guests.  It marks the end of the Summer Program.  The tables of the refectory  were finished with a new coat.  On August 18th, we had the Dedication Day with a large crowd for mass and the brunch.  We were entertained with piano music by Peter Calderone, Matthew Inocelda (a summer student) and Daniel Malloy (14 years old).  A guest, Diane Cardinal, added one piece of music to the program.  Weston Priory  is celebrating its 50th anniversary.   Half the community spent  3 days there to hear some talks on monastic life by   Sr. Aquinata Bockmann , a German Benedictine who teaches at San Anselmo, Rome.  We are pleased to announce that 16 new postcards are available.

 Vocation Weekends:
                                    St. Benedict’s monasteries are Schools for the Lord’s Service
                                          In response to the invitation of Jesus: “Learn of Me.”                                                                 
                                                  If you long for life and would see good days             
                                                       And that invitation resonates in you        
                                                                 October 3-6,  2002
                                                                 Feb. 13,-16,  2003
                                                                Have been set aside
                                                          For men 24-45 Years of age
                                                           Interested in monastic life
                                                                 at Mount Saviour

                                                              Contact Fr Martin at

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