Summer Program 2002 Mount Saviour Monastery

July 2002

The 4th of July  is celebrated with a picnic in the garden.  It is also the start of the Summer Program for young men who want to experience Christian life in a monastery with theory and practice: classes on Scriptures and Monastic history and manual work with interaction.  Our group, this year, came from Hawaii to New York City.  The photo shows Christopher Kelly, Robert Evanila, Matthew Inocelda, Edison Tyag and John Houston.  They used their skills in the garden, in the woods and around the monastery.
    The feast of St. Benedict (July 11th) is celebrated with more solemnity in March.  This time, Br. Rodrigo , a visiting monk from Christ in the Desert, prepared a Mexican meal.  In the afternoon, Maureen Cadley offered English tea at St.Gertrude's.
    Most of the work in the refectory is finished: new windows were installed and the tables were taken away for refinishing.  Those who will attend the Dedication Day will see the improvements
Coming events:
Dedication Day: August 18th.  Mass at 10:00 followed by a light brunch and music program.

 Vocation Weekends:

                                    St. Benedict’s monasteries are Schools for the Lord’s Service
                                          In response to the invitation of Jesus: “Learn of Me.”                                                                 
                                                  If you long for life and would see good days             
                                                       And that invitation resonates in you        
                                                                 October 3-6,  2002
                                                                 Feb. 13,-16,  2003
                                                                Have been set aside
                                                          For men 24-45 Years of age
                                                           Interested in monastic life
                                                                 at Mount Saviour

                                                              Contact Fr Martin at

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