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June 2002

The many rain showers of May and June helped the garden with an abundant crop lettuce and vegetables.  At the end of the month, two inches of  rain within  one hour damaged the main road.  Fortunately, the new road to St. Gertrude's was untouched.  Such storms is a test for the drainage system.  Around the chapel, a few leaks were detected and and repaired while some heavy equipment were here.  The new windows of the refectory are not in place yet and we have to use the small refectory which is used in the winter to save heat.  
    We are pleased to welcome two monks from Christ in the Deser t , Br. André and Br. Rodrigo.  They will spent a couple months with us to share some daily tasks  and their talents.  The monks of Mount Saviour sent  some help at the beginning of the foundation and now they are able to reciprocate.   
    We are redoing the sidewalk  near St. Peter's guest house to the monastery.  Since the new parking lot is more active, this sidewalk will be safer and more convenient.  Thanks to all those who contributed in those improvements.

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