Rear view of monastery

.Fr. Damasus Winzen and three monks settled on three small farms near Elmira NY in 1951.
St. Peter's, one of the farm houses became a chapel, the gift shop and guest facilities over the years
An octagon chapel with the altar in the center was erected in 1953 and enlarged in 1962.
A 15th century tryptich from the Flemish School over the Blessed Sacrament altar.
A 14th century statue from the French School, Our Lady Queen of Peace in the crypt.
A window designed by Norman Daly from Cornell University representing the life of the monk.
Three other windows represent the division of the day, the week and the seasons.
Two square buildings were linked to the chapel in 1964.
The East building shows the refectory on the upper floor and the infirmary on the ground floor
The refectory
A batik outside the refectory
The inner court of the West Building: library and dormitory
The Good Shepherd Sculpture by Peter Watts in the cemetery.
The chapel at night.
Mount Saviour home page with an aerial view.