for Catholic men 21 to 35

1 July through 6 August

This will be the 13th summer that we have sponsored a five week live-in experience from

1 July through 6 August for Catholic men that is described in the enclosed flyer.Since monastic life began as a lay movement, we realized we could serve the Church in our day by offering those who intend to remain laymen an opportunity to deepen their understanding and experience of the Faith.

Prayer & Study

One participant from the Brockport, N.Y. area wrote:ďMy overall experience was tremendously positive.While I didnít particularly notice it at the time, the daily experience of the Word changed my ways of thinking and looking at the world over thecourse of the summer.I noticed this more in the months after the program Ė in my decision making and in my prayer.I was constantly referring back to the Scriptures and the passages we both studied and heard at the Divine Office.I had always seen Scripture as a resource, but since the summer, Iíve come to see it as a nourishment.Ē


There is something about living in a community whose focus in the Faith, with people other than our family, our friends at work or school, or the parish.Our Catholic Faith and the Hope that motivates it can take a new dimension and we begin to realize Godís love for us is freely given and surpasses knowledge and understanding.This new experience is carried on for the rest of their lives in their families, friendships, work and parishes.


To apply for the Summer Experience or ask for more information:

Fr. Martin Boler OSB

231 Monastery Road,

Pine City N.Y. 14871-9787

Phone (607) 734 1688

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