At Qumran


Pine City NY 14871

Lent 1999

No: 84   Note: This issue, full of pictures, may take time to download.

Happy campers on our pilgrimage

to Greece and Holy Land

We have been asked to have more pictures and fewer words in the Chronicle.  Let these photos be our tribute to all our old and new friends among the laity, religious and priests.  May theses few co-workers represent all of you, and the pleasure we have in your company, and the importance of our working together to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven - somewhat!

The Adult Study Week, June 6-10, will consider discipleshi& the Cross.  We also have some space for 21-35 yr. old men for the 10th annual Summer Program, 1 July - August.

Madeleva will have super major surgery on 9 February.  No meals at St.Gertrude's Guest House until the end of May except for those who already have reservations.  No additional guests at St. Gertreude's until further notice.

Post-publication News:
Madeleva Roarke (1936-1999)
Madeleva Roarke Madeleva Roarke, our devoted housekeeper at St. Gertrude's, had a long surgery to fuse some vertebrae for her back pain.  Her recovery was progressing normally and plans were underway for her return this week.  On Monday Febr. 22nd, we received the shocking news that she died around 4 a.m. of a blood clot.  When she left for the hospital, she was very realistic and left an envelope entitled "Worst Scenario" containing her last wishes.  Obviously, she was prepared for whatever came.  Fr. Martin talked to her on Sunday and she was in her best spirit.
 A funeral Mass was attended by a large crowd of relatives and friends on Saturday, Febr. 27th  at the monastery . Thanks for your prayers and concern.

Remember us in prayer, remember our needs as we remember you.
Mass offerings welcome.

Old ChapelSince we are asking for help to repair the present Chapel, you should see its original design.  A simple octagon bounded by the present 'sanctuary walls'.  The 'naves' were added 10 years latedue to need for more space.  Note the barren landscape.  Recognize any of the monks?

ChapelChapelThe present Chapel being re-roofed, re-painted and re-clerestory windowed.


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