Mount Saviour Monastery

Phone: (607) 734-1688  Fax: (607) 734-1689
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  Monastery    General mail, Information
  Guestbrother    Guest reservations
  Fr. Joseph Gabriel Cusimano   Prior Administrator
  Fr. James Cronen    Oblates
  Br. Bruno Lane    Farm, Sheep & Wool Market
  Br. John Thompson   Vocations/formation 
  Br. Gabriel Duffee  Maintenance/, Kitchen
  Br. Pierre Pratte   Treasurer, Sheep 
  Br. Stephen Galban   Sacristy
Messages to the monks not listed will be printed and placed in their mail box.
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Intercom Directory  
(Guest Houses)
31   Casa East 
30   Casa West 
26   St. Joseph Men's Guest House 
29   St. John's Guest House 
27   St. John's 2nd. Floor 
28   St. Peter's Guest House 
      St. Gertrude Women's Guest House 
      (607) 733-1739 
All reservations are made through the Guest Brother 
or by phone preferably between 10:30 and 11:30a.m.