May 1999
 Dear Friend of Mount Saviour,
It was our intention to send out a Chronicle immediately after Easter to complement the "Picture Chronicle" at the beginning of Lent, but it looks now as if it will bear a June date.

Many of you will have already heard of the death of Madeleva from an embolus following major spine surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Her death was a shock and is a very great loss to us.  A short profile of  her life will be part of the forthcoming Chronicle.  Some lesser factors have also contributed to the delay: minor surgery to Fr. Martin and Br. William , delays in repairs to the Chapel roof, which meant adjustments in our morning liturgies, and now the demands of lambing.

The good news is that St. Gertrude's is now open for guests.  Maureen Cadley, whom Madeleva had earlier asked to help during her recovery, is here and willing to stay on.  So we will revert to our regular system:  guests staying at St. Peter's and the Casas will have the option of taking meals at St. Gertrude's.  We do ask you to let us know when you are making reservations where you will eat your meals.  And please let Maureen know at least 24 hours in advance if you change your plans once you are here.

Since it is  in May that we make our annual financial appeal, here we are!  The unduly protracted work on the Chapel roof, clerestory windows, painting  and some work on the floor have delayed  needed repairs to buildings and other projects  on our priorities list.  We are not short on things to be done, but we want to be careful not to over commit ourselves in a given year.  Some of the windows on the porch dining room at St. Gertrude's  Guest House and in the upstairs rooms are being replaced.  Improvements in our other guest facilities are also on the list.  Repairs to the roof and some siding are needed at the Arts and Craft building which also houses  the vehicle and farm equipment repair shop.  This year or next we need to look at the monastic buildings since neglect is always more costly in the long run.  We do depend on your continued generosity as we make our plans for the future.

There is, at the present time, a healthy ferment in monastic life here and abroad that we can take advantage of  by hosting monks from other monasteries for short or longer periods here and by arranging for our own Brothers to spend time in  new places.

We are happy to report the Adult Study  Program on Discipleship and the Cross  is fully subscribed and that we are beginning a waiting list for the Summer Experience.  Fr. James  Kelly is planning to take a small group to the Holy Land  this Fall.  Br. Pierre has a fresh 'program on our web site each month  so you can keep abreast of activities at Mount Saviour.  http://www.msaviour.org

Dedication Day is meant to celebrate the combined effort of the monks with the wider community with special thanksgiving to God who continues to bring it about.  Dedication Day will be August 15th this year.  Mass will be at 10 AM followed by light refreshments and a two piano  concert.   Wherever you are, please join us in thanking God and all the people who enable us to be here.  Bring your gratitude for your own lives and "Together let us praise the Lord."(psalm 33)

                                                                                        In Xto,

                                                                                                     Fr Martin

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