May 1998
Dear Friend of Mt. Saviour,

I am writing this in the light of the Easter candle which
symbolizes the risen Christ.  As we blessed it at the Vigil, we
proclaimed:  "Christ yesterday and today...all time belongs to
him and all the ages, to him be glory and power through every age
forever."  The light of the candle recalls the first Easter even
as the Church looks to the celebration of its three thousandth
Easter.  What we will celebrate as the Jubilee year 2000 is the
"year of the Lord's favor" first prophesied by Isaiah and
fulfilled in the ministry of Jesus beginning in Galilee.  Thus
the Jubilee, "a year of the Lord's favor" characterizes all the
activity of Jesus and is not merely the recurrence of an
anniversary in time.

This Third Millennium is just two short years away.  These
thousand year bench marks tend to bring the crazies out of the
wood work.  For some reason, it is more often people who never
darken the door of a church who manage to fasten on The
Apocalypse or The Book of Revelation, becoming especially excited
trying to figure out its numerology and what is meant by the
weird animals and other symbols. The second reading on Sunday
from now until Pentecost will be from Revelation and so it
deserves a little attention.

Apocalyptic literature, in the Old & New Testaments, is
resistance literature written to meet a crisis and to assure
believers that God is in charge of the universe.  We, like the
apostle Thomas our doubting twin, have difficulties in part,
because we carry our own presuppositions as to how God should
make the divine dominion evident in any given situation.  That we
should suffer distress and insecurity is usually not part of our
faith-portfolio.  That "strength is made perfect in weakness", as
God told St Paul, doesn't sound like Good News to us.

Our faith in the true humanity of Jesus means that He, too, was a
recipient -or was "made perfect" (Heb 5,9).  We, in turn, are
recipients of His endurance, His kingship, and His priesthood as
members of his Mystical Body.  Our very willingness to suffer
distress and to endure "on account of the kingdom" is perhaps the
best evidence to ourselves and others that we are made in the
image and likeness of the God who suffered and in Christ.

When, in November of 1994, Pope John Paul laid out a plan for the
years leading up to the Jubilee in 2000, he did not use
apocalyptic language or imagery.  There was no need to disguise
the message of hope under images only the elect would recognize.
Much of our present distress comes from a lack of unity among
believers and our moral and theological confusion, not
persecution which called for carefully coded encouragement.  The
present time calls us to repentance for the intolerance and use
of violence by Christians in times past and present!

The Pope designated 1998 as a year dedicated to the Holy Spirit
and its sanctifying presence within the community of Christ's
disciples.  Preparation for the Jubilee truly began with Vatican
II and it should be a time of the joy of repentance and
conversion of heart.  We invite you to steal a few days to be
with us at Mount Saviour with preparation for the Jubilee in
mind. In this way we can be mutually encouraged by one another!

We are beginning to make preparations for the Golden Jubilee of
Mount Saviour in three years.  One item of distress for us at the
moment is the condition of the Chapel.  The roof has reached its
life cycle and needs to be replaced.  In some places the loss of
shingles has exposed the base felt material.  The upper
clearstory windows also need to be replaced.  Less extensive work
has to be done to the Chapel interior.  It badly needs re-
painting and the flagstone floor needs attention.  The overall
cost is estimated at $125,000.  We will extend the repair over a
three year period depending on our financial situation.
Donations received this year will be used to offset this special
expense.  We are eternally grateful for all the help, financial
and otherwise, we receive.  We are also very grateful for the
grant of $20,000 we received for this project from the Koch
Foundation of Gainsville Florida.

No matter what the condition of the Chapel, we will celebrate
Dedication Day on Sunday, August 16th.  Mass will be at 10 AM
followed by a light brunch and a light program yet to be

We are filled for our trip to Greece and the Holy Land and for
the Study Week on Discipleship in June.  We are compiling a
waiting list for both events.  We remind you that this will be
the 9th year for the Summer Program for men 21-35 yrs. of age.
It is arranged to emphasize basic elements in Christian community
as a preparation for and structuring of a mature life for
Catholic laymen.  If you know anyone who might be interested,
have them write or call us.

As always, we ask your prayers for the continued growth of the
community in numbers and grace.  The increase in age we can
manage on our own.
                                          In Xto,

                                         Fr Martin

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