Reflections from the Prior




Dear Oblates and Friends of Mount Saviour:†††††††††††††††††††


As you know Father Martin retired this summer, June 15th in fact, and I was appointed Prior Administrator. So, it was suggested that I tell you about who I am. I began monastic life at St. Paulís Abbey in my home state of New Jersey right after graduating from high school in 1944. Prior to graduation I became acquainted with a priest-monk from that monastery who was celebrating Mass daily at the Holy Spirit Parish near my home. When Easter vacation came around he invited me to visit his monastery for a few days. I entered their minor seminary that Fall. I came to like the life there more and more with itís daily round of prayer, study and shared life style with other students. We were able to see the monks praying the Divine Office (all in Latin in those days) and to participate in the festive Eucharist of Sundays and major feasts. As I learned more about Saint Benedict, his famous Rule for Monks and his influence in the Church and history, I became more and more enthusiastic about becoming a monk. And, did so there; I went on to be solemnly professed and an ordained priest. Where I was, the vocation was threefold: monastic, priestly and missionary (East Africa, S. America and the East). As time went on my vocation became more specific in the simply monastic dimension. After much consultation, prayer and patient waiting, I asked to transfer to M.S. where the vocation was explicitly and simply monastic. I was finally able to transfer in the fall of 1966.


I finally arrived at this holy mountain. It is a great honor and privilege to be called as a successor of Fr. Damasus. I can only attempt with the help and inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the full support of each member as we strive together to keep burning the flame and the zeal for the Divine Agape, which Fr. Damasus kindled on this mountain with the help and prayer of many helpers, not only within the monastery but all those oblates and devoted friends near and far who have carried us in their hearts and prayer.


Now as we approach the holy time of Advent let us call upon Fr. Damasus, Fr. Gregory and Fr. Placid to intercede for us that we may be filled with the Divine Agape and share that love with each other and all who come here to pray, worship and work with us.


Wishing you all the blessings and peace of this joyful season.



Fr. James Cronen, Prior