Mount Saviour Monastery

Mount Saviour Monastery, Pine City, New York

The Gathered Community will explore together, through presentations, group discussion, community prayer and table fellowship, the Transfiguration scripture as written in Luke 9: 28-43. Participants will seek to understand the meaning of this Scripture today and ways in which they can live out the challenge of this Gospel together.

Friday, October 8, 2004 
            5:30p    light supper
            6:30p    Vespers
            7:00p    Welcome and Opening Session: Lk. 24:14
                                                  â?oâ?¦discussing as they went all that had
                                                  What do I bring to this weekend?
                                                  Facilitator: Pat Ladley
            8:15p    Compline                             
            8:30p    Refreshments and Housekeeping Issues
            9:15p    Conclusion of Evening: Luke 9: 28-43, the reading together

Saturday, October 9, 2004
             7:00a    Lauds, followed by Centering Prayer
            9:00a    Eucharist
            10-12a  Session I: Lk.9:28 â?â?¦he took Peter, John and James up onto a
                                                   mountain to pray.â?

                                                   Presentation (30 min): Tony Bartlett
                                                   Quiet Reflection (15 min)
                                                   Small group sharing (45 min)
                                                   Large group sharing (30 min)

            12:30p   Emmaus Lunch and Walk
            4-6:00p  Session II: Lk.9:32,33 â?oâ?¦awakening, they saw his gloryâ?¦â?:
                                                   Mary Skinner, John Scouten
                                                   Same format as above
             6:30p    Vespers
             7:00p    Dinner, followed by creative talent sharing

Sunday, October 10, 2004
             7:00a    Lauds, followed by Centering Prayer
             9:00a    Eucharist
             10:30-12:30  Session III: Lk.9:34,36 â?oâ?¦this is my son, my chosen one.
                                                  Listen to him.â?
                                                  â?oThe disciples kept quiet, telling nothing of
                                                  what they had seen.â?
                                                  Bob Adkins, Elli Haber
                                                  Same format as above

              1:00p    Dinner, followed by Emmaus Walk
              3:30-5:30p   Session IV:  Lk.9:37, 38-43 â?oThe following day, they came
                                                    down from the mountain. And a large crowd
                                                    met them.â?
                                                    â?oJesus then rebuked the unclean spirit,
                                                    cured the boy, and restored him to his
                                                    Steve and Marion Jacobsen
                                                    Same format as above
              6:00p    Supper followed by a Free Evening

Monday, October 11, 2004

              7:00a    Lauds and Eucharist
              9:00a    Session V:  Lk.9:37 â?othe following day, they came down from
                                           the mountain. And a large crowd met themâ?
                                           What does it mean for us?
                                           Where do we go from here?

                                            Facilitators: Patty Cunningham & Peter Ladley

Please Note:

ï,· Breakfast foods will be available each day from 7am to 9am in the dining room.
ï,· You are cordially invited to bring your talent, your creativity to share on Saturday evening: music, poetry, painting, sculpture, storytelling, dance, song, quilt, green thumb, etc.
To Register return form by September 8, 2004 to:

Rev. Robert Adkins
956 Graylea Circle
Elmira NY 14905

Name(s) of participant:______________________________________________


Email:_____________________________ Phone: ________________________

Single room? _____________
Double room? ____________
Commuter? ______________
Vegetarian or dietary restrictions?

Service to the gathered community:

I will bring this snack to share:________________________________________

I will assist in setting up dining room before a meal _____.
I will assist in cleaning up dining room after a meal _____.
I will assist in doing dishes after a meal ____.
I will set up for breakfast _____.

Fee Schedule for Emmaus Experience Weekend:
      Single commuter: $100.00              Couple Commuter: $150.00
      Single boarder:    $150.00              Couple boarder:     $250.00
      Scholarship assistance is necessary for me.  ______yes    ______no

      Deposit of $50.00 due with registration by September 8, 2004

Questions?  Please contact Bob Adkins: / 607-734-3016
                                     or Pat Ladley:  /  607-734-9690