Mount Saviour Monastery

December 1999

Merry Christmas

Creche 1999

The month of December emphasizes the virtue of hope with the coming of the Savior.  We are grateful for a season free from too much anxiety with the buildings or the health of the monks.  The Arts & Crafts building required a new oil tank; the work was completed in a short time. Br. Guerric who is now the guest brother, designed the crèche.  During the octave of Christmas, three monks celebrated their feast day: Br. Stephen, Br. John and Br. David.  On a feast day, we have recreation with refreshments.  At the beginning of the month, we mailed our Christmas Chronicle that can be seen in color on the following web site.

Peace and Joy for the Year 2000

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: October 22-31, 2000
    To visit the Land Jesus knew and loved, to walk where He walked and see the same beautiful hills, the same beautiful and peaceful Sea of Galilee.  To visit Bethlehem and Nazareth, to spend several days in Jerusalem.
    For the third straight year, Fr. James Kelly is guiding a pligrimage to the Holy Land; he lived and studied there several years, associating with other scholars while at the same time living among the people, learning their languages, Hebrew and Arabic, and imbibing their culture, background to the Bible.
    He is now sending brochures to friends who want to go again and others who have asked about the pilgrimage.  The group will be smaller than the usual pilgrimages.

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