St. FrancisMount Saviour Monastery

                         October 1999

Friends of Mt. Saviour:
On October 3, Fr. Alexis Foyo, osb, gave a presentation on iconography.  We show his icon of St. Francis (feastday on Oct. 4).

People and Events:
Br. James Kelly led a pilgrimage to the Holy Land from Oct. 5 to 14.  Br. Raphael and Br. George attended joined the monks of the Abbey of the Genesee for lectures by Fr. Demetrius Dumm, osb on the scriptures. Brian Tierney On October 15, Brian Tierney, retired professor of medieval history at Cornell University, gave us a lecture on the civil rights before and after Columbus.  The picture shows him with Fr. Martin before the lecture.  On October 20, a sixteen year old pianist, Peter Calderone, agreed to have a dress rehearsal with the monks before his recital at Elmira College.  Barbara Reiter and Claire Johnson devote some time to mend our clothes while they spend time on retreat.  October 29 marked the 30th anniversary of Fr. Martin as prior of Mount Saviour.  On October 31, we heard the news that Aelred Shanley died; he spent a few years with us until the end of his simple vows.

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