Mount Saviour Monastery

September 1999
Mrs. Calderone & MonksAnnual Outing:
The monks have the custom of spending one day at a State Park to relax and enjoy an other landscape.  This year, we were invited by the Calderones at their home in the country for a picnic.  Some of us took a hike on the hills, other user their swimming pool, others enjoyed a tennis match while others watched the finals games of the US Open.  The expected picnic turned out to be a sumptuous meal prepared with an Italian touch.  The weather could not be better on the 11th of September.

New Hip:
Br. George & James C.After celebrating an important monastic feast, The Exsultation of the Cross, Br. James Cronen went to the hospital on Sept. 14 to replace his metal hip.  He was used to this procedure since this is the third time that a doctor opens that side.  The following Sunday, he came back on crutches, ready to appear at most of the monastic activities. Br. George Laliberté, our postulant, is his assistant to receive the guests.  Br. James is grateful for your prayers and concerns for the success of his surgery.

Gift in Kind:
At times, the monastery receives some valuable gifts that enable us to do our daily chores more easily: farm tools, appliances and other items.  A few years ago, we accepted a car that had traveled 95,000 miles.  The owner found it more advantageous to donate the car than to sell it.  It was reliable for short trips and many errands in town.  It has reached 160,000 miles and is showing signs of retirement age.   We are ready to accept a replacement from whoever would benefit from such a deal.

Coming Events:
The  Friends of Mt. Saviour have scheduled their monthly meetings for the Fall season.  They will be held at the monastery at 10:30 a.m. following the 9:00 a.m. mass.
Sunday, Oct. 3: The Spirituality of Religious Art: Icons and Sienese Painting led by Fr. Alexis Foyo, osb
Sunday, Nov. 7: Reflections on French Monasteries, Cathedrals and Chateaux led by Br. Pierre Pratte, osb
Sunday, Dec. 5: Paths of Faith: Which Way did you Go led by Frank Anastasio

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