Summer Students 1999        Mount Saviour Monastery

                              July 1999

Summer Program:
The 4th of July is the beginning of the Summer Program.  After a picnic in the Rose Garden with all the guests, a short ceremony is held in the chapel to receive the 5 participants: Robert Marco, Mark Chlapowski, Andrew Hayward, James Piangozza and Damon William.  Fr. William Sneck, sj joined them in the morning classes and in the afternoon work.

Visit of French Monasteries and Cathedrals:
On July 8th, Br. Pierre, (bearing the hat of French translator) returned from a 2 week tour in France, organized by our oblate, Mary SkinnerGroup to FranceThe Benedictine hospitality was in evidence with the Trappistines of Laval and the Benedictine Nuns of St.Croix de Poitiers (The picture shows Sr. Odile, prioress,  the sub-prioress and 2 of their guests).  The 19 participants  experienced different types of liturgies with the Community of Jerusalem at the church of St.Gervais in Paris, with the monks of Solesmes for their patronal feast, with the Canons of Our Lady Mother of the Redeemer, with the monks of Ligugé for the solemn profession of 2 of their monks.  Mary Skinner had selected famous cathedrals and churches to visit: Mont St-Michel, Chartres, St-Germain des Prés, Sacré Coeur de Montmartre, La Sainte Chapelle, Vézelay, St-Benoit sur Loire.  Some castles could not be missed on the Loire River.  Although there was a feeling of saturation after the first week. The friendship of the group remained a rewarding experience.  Now we can understand better the tradition that the 12th and 13th centuries gave us.

St. BenedictSt. Benedict:
The Roman calendar celebrates the feast of St. Benedict on July 11.  Mount Saviour kept the traditional feast on March 21.  Fr. Alexis Foyo had just finished the icon of St. Benedict.  He received news that his mother had died during her sleep.  She had a long illness in Florida.

Car accident:
In the past 20 years, we have been spared of tragic accidents.  Our station wagon is not so lucky with a third accident that necessitates a new hood each time: a wild turkey, a tree and now a deer came too close to the car (or the other way around).  Br. Raphael was not injured in this last encounter.

Coming Event:
Our Dedication Day will be on Sunday, August 15, beginning with Mass at 10:00 a.m. followed by a brunch and a piano recital (pieces for 2 pianos).  All are welcome.

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