Madonna by Fr. Alexis Foyo, osb            Mount Saviour Monastery

                                            May 1999

Visiting Monks:
On may 10, Abbot Joel from Newton, NJ visited with Br. Bernardine from Africa.  Br. James Cronen came from Newton and kept in touch with them.

Madeleva Roarke's BurialItalian Trip:
The monastery arranged a trip to Italy with Diane Treveiler and Wes Kennison as a guide, from May 21 till June 3.  Br. Bruno might be called the "chaplain" of the group; it is his first trip abroad since his coming to Mount Saviour.

Madeleva's Burial:
On May 26, some relatives and friends of Madeleva Roarke attended a short ceremony for her burial.  The picture shows her sisters Trudy Bauer and Janet Bouley sitting with Barbara Sekella who took Madeleva to the hospital and helped with the funeral arrangements.

Shearing 1999Sheep Day(s):
On May 8, The Cooperative Extension organized a Field Day to help sheep farmers.  Brian Magee, manager of the sheep farmer a Cornell University talked about the care of sheep.  Also, more information was provided on how to build good fences.  On May 11, the community was involved to bring the ewes and their lambs to the barn for a stressful session: vaccinating, castrating, docking, drenching and cleaning.  On Saturday 29th, a large crowd helped us to shear 200 sheep.  Tom Horton is shown at work surrounded by helpers and on-lookers of all ages.

The Summer Chronicle to be mailed in June.
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