Mount Saviour Monastery

March 1999
People at the Monastery:
Maureen Cadley had volunteered to help Madeleva during her convalescence.  After the tragic event, she offered to stay at St. Gertrude's for an indefinite period.  Brs. Andrew Dung-Lag and Dominic Hanh, monks of Christ in the Desert, spent their spring break with us.  They study at St.Anselm's, Manchester NH.  Many groups use the men's guest house and organize their own retreat with specific themes.  The Company at Kirkridge, an ecumenical group,  have been coming for many years thanks to our oblate, Dr. Anthony Ciccariello.

Memorial Service:
We are grateful to Sr. Camille D'Arienzo who offered the facilities of her convent for a memorial mass in honor of Madeleva Roarke.  Many guests residing in the New York area attended this special event.  Fr. Martin was in New York City for the Oblates meeting.

At Grace Episcopal Church:
For the 4th Sunday of Lent, we have the custom of singing Vespers and Compline at Grace Episcopal Church in Elmira.  This year, we saw a larger attendance.  We shared a festive meal prepared by the participants.

St. Benedict:
Mount Saviour keeps the traditional feast of St. Benedict ion March 21st.  This year, we "feasted" on Sunday and celebrated the liturgy on Monday.  We show you an icon located in the crypt above the relics of St. Benedict.

The Departed:
Ann Heenan, Br. Luke's sister died suddenly at age 77.  Our first farm manager, Caroll Hayes, who set up the dairy in the 50s died of cancer.

Remembering the 1998 Pilgrimage:
Our Friends can share the excitements of the Pilgrimage to Greece and the the Holy Land on a web site prepared by one of the participants, Daniel Mandell.  He prepared an informative documentation related to the sites and accompanied by a large number of pictures.

Happy Easter

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