View from the Portery        Mount Saviour Monastery

                               February 1999

Aging but Active:
The month begins with the 89th birthday of Br. Luke after completing an other painting: A scene from the portery.  We share with you some greetings he received for the occasion.
"You are a role model to us all in how a person can live a beautiful life. You have also shown us with your beautiful art that we can express this beauty for everyone to see. Happy Birthday and may God Bless you with many more. The Cernera Family (Tony, Ruth, Anthony, Philip, Thomas   and Anne Marie) all wish you another great year! "

St. Benedict & St. ScholasticaSt. Scholastica and the Power of Prayer:
The main feast of the month for Benedictines is not St. Valentine.  On the 10th, we celebrate the feast of St. Benedict's sister, Scholastica, who used to meet him once a year.  Before her death, she wanted to prolong the meeting and St. Benedict refused.  She prayed and in no time a downpour forced him to change his mind. Our prayers went for Fr. Alexis Foyo's mother and sister who needed his assistance in Florida.  He painted this "illumination" while living at Mount Saviour.  A 1998 summer student, Valsin Dumontier, has cancer of the esophagus and was visited by Fr. Martin who was in New Orleans for the annual meeting of the Benedictine Abbots and Priors.  Piero Masia, who volunteers to help in the kitchen twice a week, broke an ankle and spent times in the hospital for gall bladder problems. .  Our oblate, Etta Jerome, who taught Italian to Br. Ansgar, was moved to the hospital for nursing care.  Allen Burns, a member of the founding team of Mount Saviour died at 86 years of age after a long illness

Madeleva Roarke (1936-1999)
Madeleva Roarke Madeleva Roarke, our devoted housekeeper at St. Gertrude's, had a long surgery to fuse some vertebrae for her back pain.  Her recovery was progressing normally and plans were underway for her return from John Hopkins Hospital.  On Monday Feb. 22nd, we received the shocking news that she died around 4 a.m. of a blood clot.  When she left for the hospital, she was very realistic and left an envelope entitled "Worst Scenario" containing her last wishes.  Obviously, she was prepared for whatever came.  Fr. Martin talked to her on the eve of her death and she was in her best spirit.  A funeral Mass was attended by a large crowd of relatives and friends on Saturday, Feb. 27th  at the monastery.

To satisfy those who want to have more pictures and fewer words in the Chronicle, we mailed an issue for Lent, featuring the pilgrimage to Greece and the Holy Land and the different stages of the Chapel over the years.  The "Internet edition" was reduced and may take time to download.

Holy Week Schedule:
Holy Thursday: 5:00 p.m. Mass of the Lord's Supper
Good Friday:    3:00 p.m. Celebration of the Lord's Passion
Easter Sunday:  5:00 a.m. Paschal Vigil & Mass

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