Mount Saviour Monastery

November 1998

ChapelRepair Season:
The chapel roof is far from finished.  The area residents are wondering why the weather is so mild.  One reason is that we are praying "like crazy" because a wet season would certainly 'dampen' our prayers under an unfinished roof.  The projected deadline was the beginning of November and the picture shows you the condition at the end on November.  The windows in the dining room of St. Gertrude's needed to be replaced and the porch of our house on Fisher Hill   Road was rebuilt.  God and the weather were on our side.  We hope that the workers will be able to  catch up in the coming days.

Visitors & Guests:
At times, we accommodate groups of students in the men's guest house.  The Cornell Catholic Community organizes two week-ends a year. Fr. Peter West, a priest from New Jersey, gave us a talk on pro-life issues. Abbot Philip from Christ in the Desert spent five days with us and reported on the various foundations they are sponsoring.  At the end of the month, the new Prior of Weston Priory, Br. Richard was here with Br. John Hammond who retired after 30 years of service.  Br. John is gathering documentation regarding the sources and persons who influenced Abbot Leo  and Fr. Damasus.

Thanksgiving Day:
This special day is marked by a mass attended by many neighbors.  We received all the guests and some neighbors for dinner in the refectory.  We recorded no loss of sheep since the arrival of the donkeys.  This year the meat (lamb or beef) is sold out.  We are grateful for an abundant harvest and good health in the community.  Br. Stephen took colorful pictures of our produce.Vegetables
We just mailed our Christmas Chronicle.

Coming Events:
On Christmas eve, we have solemn Vespers at 6:30 p.m. followed by the blessing of the Creche in the crypt and the exchange of greetings.

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