Mount Saviour Monastery

August 1998

Fr. MartinTransfiguration:
Rev. Fr. Damasus chose the Transfiguration as the titular feast of Mount Saviour Monastery.  He named the first three buildings in memory of the disciples who witnessed the transfiguration: Peter (the stone house), James (the first guest house) and John (the first novitiate building that no longer exists).  After the renovation of St. Peter's building, we named the wooden addition, St. John's.  The picture shows Fr. Martin in front of the icon of the Transfiguration....30 years ago.

Madeleva Roarke & Georgia CrissyDedication Day:
The second important event in August is our Dedication Day on Aug. 6th to thank our friends and benefactors for their support.  The chapel was filled up for the mass and we share a light brunch with those who attended.  For the occasion, Madeleva Roarke, author of Fr. Damasus and the Founding of Mount Saviour, was present to autograph her book.  She is signing a book for Georgia Crissy who was very active when we had the Fall Festival.  The book is available through the gift shop for $20.00 plus shipping and NY sales tax.

Among the many guests for the summer, Abbot. Brian Clark, who represents the Abbot Primate, paid us a brief visit.  The Most Rev. Henry J. Manzell, bishop of Buffalo NY, had a tour of the monastery.  On Aug. 22nd, Glenn McClure and Elissa Quinn made us enjoy An Evening of Folks Songs & Spirituals.  The Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes in Elmira, Fr. Paul McCabe, died of a heart attack while he was away on retreat.   A New York oblate, Anneliese Vietor, who moved to Elmira after she retired as a translator at the United Nations, died at age 84.   Joannes Somary, a conductor and composer from New York City, spent the last days of the month with us and reflected on his assignment by the Abbot Primate to compose  a Te Deum for the millennium festivities in Rome.

Guest reservation:
Thanks to Fr. John Silver who gave us his old computer, our guest brother can receive and send his own e-mail at this address: .  The FAX machine is an other good means for reservations: (607) 734-1689

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