Mount Saviour Monastery

June 1998
Mount Saviour in the News:
A local TV station heard of our unwelcome guests, the coyotes.  Br. Bruno was interviewed for the circumstances and the outcome generated many calls of sympathy and suggestions.  They suggested lamas or donkeys to guard the sheep and more sheep guarding dogs.  Bella, our present sheep dog like to roam around and cannot cover all the property at once.  Fortunately, the coyotes seem to have moved elsewhere.

Adult Study ParticipantsAdult Study Week:

Popular demand, as they say, resulted in another Study Week.  We wanted to integrate our life as disciples of Christ, using data from Scripture, the Rule of Benedict, and our own experience.  J. Heinrich Arnold's book: Discipleship, living for Christ in the
Daily Grind seemed like an ideal text.  Supplemental readings
were found in the New Jerome Biblical Commentary, Xavier Dufour's
Dictionary of Biblical Theology, the recent Theological
Dictionaries of Spirituality and of Theology.  We were reading
Kathleen Norris' Amazing Grace in the refectory which was also a
great help.

Some 25 people, men and women, sisters, brothers, priests and a
number of the monks took part in the Study Week.  We closed our
Guest Houses to all but the participants in the Study Week and we
were able to give each person single occupancy.  We ate noon and
evening meals together in the monastic dining room.

The format consisted in a conference in morning, small group
discussions in the late afternoon and the evenings were free in
order to give ample time to read new material and assimilate the
input of the day.  The hours of the Divine Office and the
Conventual Mass were all part of the program.

Arnold's book treats of 32 topics under the headings of the
Disciple, the Church and the Kingdom of God.  We chose
Repentance, Conversion, the Inner Life and Jesus and gave one day
to each of these subjects.  We intend to have another Study Week
next summer and may add one this winter so others can benefit.

June...and Our Departed Brethren:

I happens that out of seven buried in our cemetery, three died in June: Fr. Placid in 1995, Br. Ansgar in 1992 and Fr. Damasus in 1971.  More will be known about them with the publication of Fr. Damasus and the Founding of Mount Saviour  to be released at the end of July.  The author, Madeleva Roarke, was proud to show us the final proofs: the old pictures are reproduced very well and the type is ideal for our aging friends.  You may order the book through Mount Saviour Shop: $20.00 plus $2.00 for shipping and handling.  New York residents must add $1.40 per book for sales tax.

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