Statue by Rucki            MOUNT SAVIOUR MONASTERY

                                       May 1998

May - Mary:
In former days, the month of May was dedicated to Mary.  Mount Saviour has a daily ritual after Compline in the crypt with the singing of a hymn to Mary.  For many years, the monks are gathering in front of the statue after Vigils for a prayer to Our Lady for vocations.  Every time we go to our rooms (in the east building), we pass in front of a modern statue of the madonna and child by Jean Lambert-Rucki who was born in Cracow in 1888 and settled in Paris in 1911.  The Abbey of St-Benoit-du-Lac (Quebec) has 3 of his sculptures and printed Christmas cards by the same artist who died in 1967.  We are grateful to Otto Speath who gave us the 2 statues.

The lambing season went smoothly with 115 ewes giving birth to 189 lambs within 3 weeks.  We had fewer lambs because one of the rams who was to "serve" a group of 13 ewes did not have the "right stuff" and left them barren.  During the same period, our sheep were visited by coyotes who satisfied their hunger with 12 lambs and 2 ewes.  They did not waste their victims; they ate all the bones and flesh and left only the skin and the hoofs.

Visiting monksVisiting Monks:
St. Paul's Abbey, in Newton NJ, have a program for continuous formation for the monks of the St. Ottilian Congregation.  Four Africans, one German an one American, Fr. Bede, came for a retreat conducted by Fr. Martin.

Clergy and laity from all denominations have been welcome to Mount Saviour since its beginning.  On May 27th, we attended the Institution and Induction of the Rev. Fr. Donald W. Matthew, rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Elmira.  The Solemn High Pontifical Mass was presided by Bishop David B. Joslin, bishop of Central New York and the homily was given by Bishop Arthur B. Williams of the diocese of Ohio. The ceremony lasted two hours and a half with much signing with orchestra and well prepared rituals.

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