Mount Saviour Monastery

February 1998
Br. Luke's 88th:
Mount Saviour has the custom of celebrating the feast day (patronal feast) of its members rather than the birthday.  This year, we also celebrated Br. Luke's 88th birthday.  His health is so good that he underwent a cataract surgery in the middle of the month and in 15 hours, nobody could notice what had happened.  He is still seen at the main desk when he is not painting.

Churches of Rome:
On February 6th, Br. James Kelly made a brief trip to Rome in preparation of a book on the Churches of Rome.  It is planned to appear for the Holy Year 2000.

Benedictine Meeting:
Every Year the American Abbots and Priors gather to share ideas and get some input from an invited lecturer.  This year, the Abbot Primate, Marcel Rooney gave talks on the liturgy.

Coming Event in Buffalo:
We just mailed an invitation for our friends of the Buffalo area to join for a mass followed by a discussion on Monks and the Laity at Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church on April 1st. 1998 at 7 p.m.  Bil McLaughlin is the coordinator (his office phone: (716) 633-7171.

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