Mount Saviour Monastery

September 2017
Bubbling rainNews:
On the first of the month, word was received that Beaumont Monastery in Texas, populated by our former brothers Michael Gallagher and Peter Funk, had been inundated by flood waters from hurricane Harvey. Those who would like to donate to help them get back on their feet again can use the following link: In anticipation of inclement weather and power outages here at Mount Saviour, we agreed on the 4th to the purchase of propane generators for the monastery and St. Joseph’s men’s guesthouse. Our women’s guest house, St. Gertrude’s, also has its own generator. On the 5th, several of the brothers noticed that the rain which was falling at the time was sudsing up! The mystery was solved when we found out through the weather service that ash from multiple fires in Montana, 2,000 miles away, had been brought by wind currents into our part of the state and was mixing in with the rain creating the suds. On the 6th, Msgr. Ciampaglio, diocese of Paterson, NJ, who graciously accepted our invitation, arrived to fill in for Fr. Don as he took his usual after Labor Day vacation. The next day the community took a sort of vacation of sorts too, driving an hour to the north after mass to spend the day at Waneta Lake, which is nestled among the larger Finger Lakes. On the way home we took an unexpected scenic detour (we got lost) managing to return to the monastery in the nick of time for Compline. On the 9th Br. Justin began a trip to Michigan, his home state, where he reconnected with many of his relatives. Br. Pierre followed suit the following day as he reconnected with classmates in Canada for a few days. On the 17th a vocational candidate arrived from Hawaii for one week and expects to return again in the spring. Also that day, a talk by Steve Jacobsen focused on conflict and the Rule of St. Benedict. He stressed using elements from the Rule, listening and humility, in dealing with conflict situations. On the 19th, Br. Luke had a planned surgery on his foot as a result of an unplanned accident last year. His recovery could take up to eight weeks. Our 2017 edition of the Chronicle made its way to the printer on the 21st. The time required for the layout and final corrections means it will be awhile before arriving in anyone’s mailbox but it’s in the works. Br. Michael has been busy this month racing around harvesting produce from the garden and now the apple crop. We hope to have apple cider available again at meals after the harvest is finished. He enjoyed a welcome break when we celebrated a recreation in his honor on his feast day, St. Michael and the archangels on the 29th.
Br. Justin's Cake
Br. Justin (John Young) was honored by his family
with a special cake

Friday Oct. 13th to Sunday 15th: Oblate retreat weekend
Sunday Nov. 5: Friends of the Monastery program with Fr. John DeSocio after Mass