Mount Saviour Monastery

August 2017
We were blessed throughout the month to have more concelebrants at Mass than we have had for quite awhile. On the 1st, Fr. Sylvanus Mushabe, an invited priest from Uganda, began his month long stay with us. On the same day Msgr. Fernando Ferrarese, a long time friend of the monastery, also arrived to spend two weeks with us. This was in addition to Fr. Nathan Munsch who left on the 3rd, the same day that Brs. John and Luke had to take one of the four wheelers down the path to the river in order to help a stranded guest who was unable to make the trek back up. We celebrated our Titular Feast, the Feast of the Transfiguration on the 6th and then our yearly Dedication Day Commemoration on the 13th. Fr. Damien Milliken OSB gave an interesting talk to the community on the 17th about scouting out our current property with Fr. Bernard Burns before we had purchased it. Fr. Bernard then relayed the findings of the reconnaissance to Fr. Damasus which is how Elmira came into the picture as the site of Mount Saviour. The day of their visit they left behind a medal of St. Benedict, no offense intended to St. Joseph, and the rest is history. History was made again on the 21st with the Great American Eclipse. Fortunately, viewing conditions were favorable. Two receptions were held on the 27th & 28th which enabled our beloved Chali Govantes’ many friends to say good-bye to her as she leaves to live with her children after a more than 30 year association with the monastery. The end of the month also brought an end to Br. Dominic  Savio’s summer vacation as he returned to the seminary to begin Third Theology.

Sunday Sept. 17 After Mass talk at St. Joseph’s lounge by Steve Jacobsen, "Conflict:  What makes it seem so inevitable and what helps.” Insights from the Rule of Saint Benedict and modern conflict theory.

Friday Oct. 13th to Sunday 15th Oblate retreat