Mount Saviour Monastery

July 2017
Wet. That’s one word to describe our weather for the month. Of the 31 days 22 were either foggy or wet or both. We are well into summer and our surroundings remain vibrant green with lawnmowers continuously trying to keep up with the lush growth. The conditions present a challenging scenario for the haying which has to be done in order to feed the sheep through the winter; this year being the latest that Br. Bruno has been able to begin the harvest. Fortunately the weather was perfect for the community outdoor picnic on the 4th and our simultaneous viewing of the sailplane competition happening above us. Fr. Scott Detisch has again this year been our welcomed guest through the month and has generously volunteered his time as an alternate Chaplain. Fr. Darr Schoenhofen, another of our Chaplains, who moved into one of our apartments at the end of last month, is still getting acclimated to his new surroundings as he awaits his move down the road to St. James after we complete needed maintenance on the house. In mid-month our community was especially blessed with the final profession of Br. Michael on the 15th and with the presence of Abbot Anselm of Pluscarden and Abbot Cuthbert of Farnborough who received his vows. Br. Michael left the following day for a home visit. Gone fishing. Brs. Antonio and Luke, who were unable to be with the community last month at the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse for the joint 90th birthday celebration of Brs. James and Stephen, were able to spend a day with them on the 22nd, when ice cream and cake were once again on the menu. Jeffrey Essmanns of New York City was received as an Oblate on the 23rd, taking the religious name of Anselm as his patron. Br. Gabriel can be contacted for more information on those who might be interested in joining our Oblate family. On the 29th the community was treated to a delicious Vietnamese meal courtesy of two friends of Br. Savio who came down from Rochester to take over our kitchen for the morning. The following day we were all treated to another delicious meal of Mexican fare ably prepared by Br. Antonio. On the 31st Fr. Nathan Munsch of St. Vincent Archabbey came to visit with us for a few days.
Br. Michael's Profession


Sunday Aug. 13 2017 Dedication Day Mass 10:00AM
Sunday Sept. 17 After Mass talk at St. Joseph’s lounge by Steve Jacobsen, "Conflict:  What makes it seem so inevitable and what helps. Insights from the Rule of Saint Benedict and modern conflict theory."
Friday Oct. 13th to Sunday 15th Oblate retreat