Mount Saviour Monastery

December 2016
Br. Puke's ProfessionNews:
We have been blessed this year with 2 monks making Solemn Profession.  Br. Luke Zimnicki is surrounded by the community after his solemn profession, on Dec. 8th.We are grateful for all those who made financial contributions or send bequests.  It paid for our largest expense of the year: the re-paving of the road leading to St. Gertrude's guest house.  The farm had a good harvest while the orchard was literally fruitless.  Our sheep flock was visited by predators more than in previous years and a group of sheep disappeared at the end of the breeding season.  At the end of the month, Br. Antonio went to Mexico for his annual family visit

Happy New Year

Fourteenth Annual Retreat for Knitters: Jan.  13-16, 2017