Mount Saviour Monastery

October 2016
The annual Oblate Retreat was held during the Columbus Day week-end with many conferences given by Fr. Donald Raila, OSB, oblate director at St.Vincent Archabbey. Latrobe PA. The participants had time to share their reflections and took their meals with the monks.  This period of the year is always beautiful with a colorful landscape.  The garden did not yield as in previous years.  The sheep farm required three full days with four or five helpers to prepare the flock for the breeding season: inspection from head to toe, drenching against parasites and hoof trimming (pedicure).  An unknown predator attacked 6 young rams in one night.  On the last day of the month, Fr. James Cronen moved to the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Rochester NY and joined Br. Stephen where skilled nursing care is provided around the clock.  They are both in good spirit and appreciate the atmosphere.
Oblate Meeting 2016
Coming Event:

Fourteenth Annual Retreat for Knitters: Jan.  13-16, 2017