Mount Saviour Monastery

November 2015

November 1st. is the solemnity of All Saints.  The next day, we remember our faithful departed with a visit to the cemetery for a short ritual.  Br. Bruno began to take a weekly shipment of sheep to an auction house.  On November 5th, Br. Francis Michael went to the Bath VA hospital for kidney stones.  He was transferred to Buffalo via ambulance.  Br. Luke was away for two weeks and Br. Pierre spent a week in Canada for his annual family visit.  On November 25th, Enrique Govantes died at St.James' surrounded by  his wife and three children after many bouts with cancer; he was 89 years old.  His wife, Sarah (Chali), has moved to St. John's apartment (extension #29) and will continue to help in the business office.


 The Govantes & Br. Stephen
Br. Stephen was a classmate of Enrique Govantes at the school of
Architecture (University of Havana). 1986 photo,
Merry Christmas
Coming Events:
Thursday, Dec. 24th at 6:30 p.m. Solemn 1st. Vespers of Christmas, followed by the blessing of the Crèche.
Friday, Dec. 25th at 9:00 a.m. Christmas Day Mass