Mount Saviour Monastery

May 2015
Gwen Inman at Mount Saviour      In May, the sheep kept us busy. During the three weeks of lambing, Br. Pierre and Br. Antonio, went to the barn every day at six a.m. to move the newborn lambs to the "maternity ward" or to help any ewes in trouble.  Every 2 or 3 hours, the shepherd checked the barn for new lambs or and necessary chores. We had a good season with few casualties and 207 lambs from 119 ewes.  On May 12th, we vaccinated all the lambs and put a rubber band around their tails.  On May 22nd. Gwen Inman was able to shear two dozen  yearlings and 13 rams. The next day, 130 ewes lost their coat of wool and their babies received another shot of vaccine. After a well deserved meal, we ended the day with the first Vespers of Pentecost under the lit candles. Many families come to see the shearing operation or to help.  The visitors could see a demonstration with spinning wheels.  It is a time to renew friendship with other guests who have been coming here for many years.

Coming Events:
Dedication Day, August 16th: Mass at 10:00 a.m. followed by a brunch  and musical entertainment.