Mount Saviour Monastery

March 2015
    On Sunday, March 14th, the monks sang Vespers and Compline at Grace Episcopal Church in Elmira. Between the two prayers, we have time to share a meal and exchange some thoughts about our life and their life. We received two postulants: Mark Amaril and  Paul Mailloux. On Sunday, March 22nd.: Dr. Michael Higgens, Vice-President of the International Thomas Merton Society gave a lecture entitled: "Making and Remaking of the Diarist of Gethsemani" . Because of the large crowd, the chapel was used for the lecture followed by questions when the picture was taken.
Dr. Michael Higgins' lecture

Coming Events:
Lambing Season: After April 15th for three weeks.

Sunday, April 26th, The Damasus Winzen Lecture.
After Mass, Dr. Dennis Macnamara, Ph.D. The title of is his lecture will be: Incarnation and Transfiguration: Rediscovering the Iconic Nature of Church Buildings