Mount Saviour Monastery

February 2015
The weather condition forced many guests to cancel or shorten their visit at the monastery.  Last year, we had formed a steering committee made of 4 laymen and 3 monks to find ways to generate more income and give meaning works to the monks.  With the help of some Elmira College professors, we agreed begin a project concerning our candle operation.  Professor Jim  Mullen found 2 students, Mollie Hamilton and Jackie Burns to work on that project.  They made a remarkable presentation regarding the marketing and the possible expansion of this craft.  A second project was initiated under the direction of Professor Alison Wolfe to make a survey of our guest operation to know the expectations and the needs of our guests.  The students are using our list of contacts to find out what is needed to make our hospitality more meaningful.  We are grateful to our guests over the years who could give us your honest opinion through that survey.  The students will give us a report ounce they have enough data.
Br. Michael + snowman

Coming Events:
Sunday, March 14th: Vespers will be at Grace Episcopal Church in Elmira at 6:00 p.m. and Compline around 8:00
    The public is welcome.

Sunday, March 22nd.: Dr. Michael Higgens, Vice-President of the International Thomas Merton Society will give a lecture entitled: "Making and Remaking of the Diarist of Gethsemani" at 11:00 a.m.