Mount Saviour Monastery

November 2014
The month began with a solemnity: All Saints and we remembered our deceased monks the next day with some prayers in front of their graves.  Br. Bruno made 3 trips to New Jersey to take our lambs to an auction.  There will be 2 more trips in December.  On Nov.12th, the Prior attended a meeting of the Major Superiors of Men's Community and brought back some details pertaining to the year for Consecrated Life.  On Nov. 13th, we were officially accepted in the Subiaco-Cassinese Congregation, the English Province.  Most monasteries of that province are small and have many monastic values that we share.  We have many reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving Day: Br. Antonio is recuperating well from his heart surgery, the monks are in good spirit , the weather was mild for a longer period and we were spared from the snow that paralyzed some areas.  On Nov. 28th, Abbot Anselm, the visitor for the English Province of the Congregation spent a few days.
Thanksgiving Day 2014
On Thanksgiving Day, we share our meal with all our  guests
We welcome them to do the dishes.

Coming Events:

Knitters' Retreat: January 16-19, 2015.  Click for details.