Mount Saviour Monastery

July 2014
Bishop Salvatore MatanoNews:
On July 1st. Maureen Cadley who took care of St. Gertrude's guesthouse, retired from that post.  In February 1999, she had volunteered to help Madeleva Roarke during her convalescence following surgery to fuse some vertebrae.  After Madeleva's tragic death at the hospital, she offered to stay at St. Gertrude's for an indefinite period.  Joyce Trifoso, a local friend of the monastery is taking care of the guests while the monks are evaluating various options to make better use of the house and reduce losses with that operation.  Since the weather on the 4th of July was questionable, we had an indoor picnic prepared by 2 Vietnamese families from Rochester NY; the menu included spring rolls, chickenpho,home grown salad,beef roll fried, etc..  On July 7th. Fr. Don Curtis, a retired priest of the Rochester Diocese, moved into the Annex.  He will help with pastoral care and will substitute at mass when the Prior is away.  On July 12, Bishop of Rochester NY, Salvatore Matano, presided at the liturgy for the feast of S. Benedict and met the monks for a friendly chat.  On July 19th, Br. Pierre went to Canada for a family reunion.  On July 27, Fr. Philip, Cistercian and Prior of a new foundation in Vietnam came back to visit for a few days.  On July 30, the community was received by Dr. Joseph and Juliana Calderone for our annual outing.  The next day, Br. Michael went to visit his family on Long Island.  This year, we will not have a "Dedication Day".  Some monks will be absent and many recent activities seem to dictate a change of pace.

Coming Events:
Oblate Retreat: Oct.18-20, 2014. Topic: Reformation of Life.  Click for details