Mount Saviour Monastery

May 2014
On May 3rd., we celebrated Fr. James' feastday.  He made a lot of progress since his return from the hospital after 6 weeks of physio-therapy.  He moves around with a walker and  the monks take turns to accompany him for different activities.  On May 6th, Br. Dominic Savio had his feastday.  Fr. Joseph Gabriel attended a meeting of Benedictine and Cistercians at  St. Joseph Abbey in Spencer MA and continued to New York City for an oblates' meeting.  The lambing season extended longer than usual because of the severe winter conditions.  We counted 203 lambs from 120 ewes.  In the middle of the month, we vaccinated the lambs and they received another shot on shearing day, May 24th.  Many helpers and spectators came for that event as the picture shows.  Some of the wool is sent to a mill in Maine to process for knitting yarns.  We had to increase the price of the wool because of the increased cost of shearing and shipping; we sell a 4 ounce skein for $8.00.  Wool products can be seen on the web site.
Shaering at Mount Saviour
Coming Events:

June 24th: Christ in the Desert Monastery, founded by monks of Mount Saviour, will celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Warning ! Saturday, July 12th: Because of conflicting scheduling. the Bishop of Rochester, Most Rev. Salvatore Matano. will preside for the solemnity of St. Benedict. at 9:00 a.m.