Mount Saviour Monastery

February 2014
Mount Saviour flower arrangement by Br. Dominieu SavioNews:
This month, we often  heard 2 four  letter words: snow and cold.  We were spared if we compare our area with the east coast.  We moved to the small refectory to save on heat.  In January, we spent $22,000 to refill our 6,000 gallon fuel tank.  Br. Antonio came back from the hospital on Feb. 4th, eight days after his heart surgery.  He had to return for a few days to clear an infection.  On Febr. 20th, Fr. James came back from the hospital; the next morning, he went back to the hospital by ambulance because of acute back pains.  He undergoes physio-therapy to regain strength.  From Febr. 21st to 25th, the Prior attended the annual meeting of the American Benedictine Superiors in Cullman AL.  They had lectures by guest speakers and the Abbot Primate.