Mount Saviour Monastery

January 2014
Knitters' Retreat 2014
On Jan. 3rd., the Prior attended the installation mass of our new bishop, Salvatore Matano who was bishop of Burlington, VT.  On Jan. 6th, Abbot Matthew and Fr. Peter from Vietnam were here to visit and meet one of their monks, Br. Dominic Savio before he leaves for an other period of studies at Nazareth College in Rochester NY.  In Jan. 10th, Michael Zielinski was received as postulant.  On Jan. 13th, our friend and part-time cook, Piero Masia died at 89 years old and Brs. Gabriel and Bruno attended his funeral mass.  The Knitters' retreat was held on the week-end of Jan. 17th.  On Sunday, the monks were invited to share an African dinner in the guest house.  On Jan. 22nd. Tulula, our llama died of old age.  She was very noticeable in the field as part of the guardian team with the sheep.  The Prior went to Ava, a Trappist monastery to conduct a retreat on Jan..24th.  Three days later, Br. Antonio spent nearly 8 hours in the operating room of Arnot Ogden Hospital for heart surgery (valve replacement).  On the same day, Fr. James Cronen was moved to the same hospital after a fall.  During that time, we had cold days and little snow.