Mount Saviour Monastery

May 2013
St. Benedict's sclupture by Br. Dominic Savio
On May 3rd. we had the blessing of the St. Benedict carving made by Br. Dominic Savio out the willow tree that was damaged during the tornado of July 2012.  At the same time the new John Deere lawnmower was blessed.  On May 4th, Dr. Maxwell Johnson talked to the community about his work at Notre Dame Uniniversity.  The next day, he gave the 11th Annual Damasus Memorial Lecture.   His interests are in the origins and development of early Christian Liturgy and in the history and theology of the rites of Christian initiation. His book, The Rites of Christian Initiation: Their Evolution and Interpretation, revised and expanded edition (Collegeville: Pueblo, 2007), is widely used in schools of theology and seminaries.  On May 6th, we celebrated Br. Dominic Savio's name's day and we had the visit of Abbot Philip from Christ in the Desert and Prior Dominic from the Vietnamese monastery in Texas.  On May 10th, Br. Francis, Br. Joseph and Br. Justin attended the graduation of Br. Paul Lavang, a monk of Christ in the Desert, at St. Vincent Archabbey and Seminary.  On May 13th, Sr. Donald Corcoran conducted our annual retreat.  After spending a couple of months with us, Fr. Bernard from Christ in the Desert returned home with Br. Paul Lavang who was here since his graduation.  On May 25th,  two shearers were able to remove the wool on 160 sheep with the help of many volunteers in six hours.  On May 29th, Br. Teresio Thuku from Kenya arrived to begin his postulancy.

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Dedication Day: Aug. 11, Mass at 10:00 a.m. followed by a brunch and music.