Mount Saviour Monastery

January 2013
North view Mount Saviour Monastery
The construction of the covered link between the chapel and the monastery buildings is almost finished.  It took more time than we had been told but we can already enjoy the protection from the elements.  The donations that we receive at this time will help pay for that major project.  On January 6th, the monks were received almost like kings at St. Gertrude's for "high tea" prepared by Maureen Cadley.  On January 18th, the 10th annual knitter's retreat was well attended; the participants shared their crafts and enjoyed time for sharing and reflection.  On Sunday, the participants invited the monks for dinner.  On Sunday, the 27th, a farewell celebration was held for Fr. Patrick Mundy who will return to the diocese of Ogdensburg for his retirement.  Prior Joseph Gabriel made weekly trips to Buffalo to attend to the needs of his parents who had serious health issues lately.

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